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You can help contribute to AllPlay by participating in our research. There are many ways to get involved. You can participate in our surveys or join our research register to find out about the research projects currently recruiting participants.

Deakin Child Study Centre Research Registry

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Current research studies looking for participants.

AllPlay Learn Parent Survey: How inclusive are education settings in Victoria for children with developmental challenges & disabilities?

Are you a parent/guardian of a child with disability? Help us make childcare, kindergartens and schools more inclusive for children of all abilities!

We are building AllPlay Learn and we need your input! You are invited to take part in a study to understand the experiences of you and your child with a disability in the education setting.

We are seeking parents/guardians of children with disabilities who are either 1) currently attending childcare, kindergarten, long day care, primary or secondary school, or 2) have attended any of these in the past. This could be any mainstream or special education school. This includes children with any condition that affects cognitive, developmental (e.g. autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, intellectual disability, learning disorders, communication/language disorders), sensory (hearing or vision), or mobility functions (cerebral palsy), and children who need extra planning for medical reasons.

Participation involves completing an online survey which will take around 15 minutes.

Information from this survey will help build AllPlay Learn, a digital inclusive resource for educators, parents and children to make education inclusive.

Go to parent survey

Do you have a child with Cerebral Palsy who participates, or wants to participate, in community football?

What is the study about?

Deakin University is conducting a study in collaboration with the AFL to explore the benefits and barriers for children of all abilities in accessing sport and recreation activities within the Geelong community. This study is funded by the Geelong Community Foundation.
We expect the results of the study will help us to develop resources that will make organised physical activities more inclusive and accessible to children of all abilities.

Who can participate?

We are looking for parents of:
- Primary school children (aged between 5 and 12).
- With a condition that affects his/her physical functioning.
- Who either plays NAB AFL Auskick or wishes to participate in community football.

What does participation involve?

Attending a 1-hour focus group at either the Kids Plus Foundation in Geelong or Deakin University (Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus).

Contact us:

Nicole Stefanac - Deakin Child Study Centre
P: 5247 9383 ext. 91631

AllPlay Footy Outcomes of Participation study (pre-post)

Do you have a child aged between 5 and 12 years with a disability or additional needs? If you are planning to enrol them in NAB AFL Auskick for 2018, OR, they don’t play any sport or physical activity, we invite you to take part in our AllPlay Outcomes of Participation study!

The AllPlay Footy Outcomes study explores the effects of participation in NAB AFL Auskick for children with a disability, or children who do not have a diagnosis but may be developmentally vulnerable and may need a little extra support and planning (eg. physical or behavioural challenges), as well as their families. The term disability in this study refers to any condition that affects a child’s cognitive, developmental, sensory or mobility functions. This study will also explore the factors which influence whether or not children participate in organised physical activities such as NAB AFL Auskick.

Participation in the study involves both the child and the parent/guardian. Since this is a pre/post study, you and your child will attend two sessions. In the first session, your child will complete tasks exploring their cognitive (ie. thinking skills) and motor functioning (ie. movement skills) while you complete a number of questionnaires about your child’s functioning and activity participation. We will then conduct a follow up session after the Auskick season if your child participates in Auskick, or between May to November if your child doesn’t participate in any organised physical activity. All participants that complete both sessions will be reimbursed a $60 gift voucher for their research involvement, which may be collected at the end of the second session. If you are interested in finding out more, please click here.

 AllPlay Footy Buddy Program

The AllPlay Buddy Program is a pilot program currently being trialled by the Deakin Child Study Centre at a number of NAB AFL Auskick centers in 2018. The Buddy Program involves senior primary-school aged players (Grades 5-6) taking on an ALLPlay Buddy role and partnering up with a junior primary-school aged players (Grades 1-4) with a disability during NAB AFL Auskick sessions. The aim of the Buddy program is to help children of all abilities feel included in community sport.  For more information about this program, please email us here.

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